Saturday, January 14, 2006

here we are

Last fall, a few virtual friends finally met in real life at Barbara's house in Gouda and Annemarie came up with the wonderful idea of creating a neighborhood together - a massive round robin that would require nearly a full year and a half and which would ultimately result in a gorgeous and unique cross stitch neighborhood for each of us. It took a little while to finally settle on the members of the RR: naturally we wanted to invite friends from far away to join us, and many of the people nearby who we initially asked felt that the demands of such a project were simply too great. While our members shifted, Su circulated and updated a rotation schedule and set of guidelines while Annemarie sent around a questionnaire for us to fill out regarding our preferences. Then the busy holiday season of 2005 was upon us, and things became very quiet indeed.

The New Year is now underway and nearly all of us have made some start to our first design. By March first, the neighborhoods will all be sent on to the next stitcher, and three months later, to the next.

This is our place to meet, discuss progress, check out ideas, and show off our growing neighborhoods. It is also a place where we hope you will leave your comments. And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to start your own neighborhood!


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