Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hi All

Hi ,
I received the invite from Babara and the new rotation from Su today. I have never written in a blog so I am not 100% sure of the etiquette ,but am assuming that the the focus is to record our progress. I think the Blog is a great idea and if we decide to pay for help with the format - I am happy to contribute. Thank you, Barb for doing all the work of setting it up.

Today I actually had some progress in that I purchased my fabbie, it is a cream colored Weddingen linen- I am not sure of the count but it is around a 28, so not to high a count and one of the lovely things about Weddingin is that the holes are pretty easy to see. Hopefully easy for everyone to stitch on. My LNS has decided to sell fat halves and quarters -Yea. I didn't have to buy twice as much linen as I need.
I have been working on charting my house as I want to stitch a simplified vesion of the house we now live in. My DH is in the military and we move a lot. I love this house and would like to keep it in stitches forever. The main problem I had was getting it charted. On the centemeter paper I have the design was to big for one sheet-I needed about six. On the millimeter paper the squares were to small. I know-picky,picky ,but I just couldn't get it quite right. I decided to ask in my LNS if there was an alternative, and there is! Two millimeter paper. They didn't know where I could buy an entire block, but they were willing to sell me a large sheet. So no excuses anymore. My fabbie will be serged and grided and, hopefully, my design charted by Sunday evening.
Now, I am not sure if I have to sign this or if it will be listed as :posted by etc.. So I will just sign it and know better in a few minutes when I have posted it.


At 6:41 PM, January 14, 2006, Blogger Barbara said...

Yay, Rachael - so glad you posted! No posting rules other than the usual respect for each other. (I'm not a big fan of rules if you can't tell!)


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