Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i jumped right in!

One thing I've learned in life is that if something intimidates me, procrastination is definately not the answer. (Which is not to say that I've always followed this bit of wisdom, but that's another story!) As I mentioned, I was pretty nervous about putting needle to linen with Carol's NRR. She and Annemarie have done such a lovely job with their exquisite, teeny, beautiful designs ... I felt a bit like a bull in the china shop, with my usual primitive "perspective exists to distort" attitude. I stayed up far too late last night pouring over patterns, printouts, pictures, and anything else I could lay my hands to. Even Niek was pulled away from his work several times to offer opinions. Finally we both decided that a sort of rough image of a cottage by Elizabeth's Designs should be the focal point. I went to bed wondering "but what else?". Before dropping off to sleep, I remembered this little design of a beehive and birdhouse in my (otherwise largely useless) Cross Stitching Bible. Aha. Sleep came for me.

Today I started stitching. I noticed that Carol and Annemarie were using GAST fibers as well as DMC so I assumed (and I hope I was right) that Carol was not one of those who wanted only DMC fibers so the linen could be washed.... I've used several silks (Vikki Clayton and Thread Gatherer). If I am wrong, Carol, and you do want to wash this, shoot me now. I mean, let me know and I'll just pick out the silks and re-stitch. LOL.

I hope you like this, Carol. I'm rather pleased with it so far. Check out those French knots - I can't believe that up till a few weeks ago, I couldn't make one of those to save my life. (Excuse the kind of weird colors - it's late night and I have only artificial lighting.)


At 12:50 AM, June 21, 2006, Blogger lena-lou said...

Oooh isn't that going to be nice...the colours are lovely even in artificial light!

At 1:09 AM, June 21, 2006, Blogger Carol said...

Oh, you silly girl :-) I just love it already! I think there must be some agent that causes stitchers to worry over there in the Netherlands! Please don't fret over mine, please, please!!!! Oh, it is more than OK to use any fiber you wish!! In your email I was worried, thinking my linen was dirty - which made no sense, I can tell Annemarie took care of it - LOL!! OK, stop worrying, you are doing an outstanding job - I love how you and Niek are coordinating it together - how cool. I just spent 90 minutes going through charts for Veronica's and am narrowing it down now... but not starting until I finish Part 9 of MTM - which I pray will be soon.

At 1:10 AM, June 21, 2006, Blogger Barbara said...

Phew! Can you hear my huge sigh of relief? :)

At 7:05 AM, June 21, 2006, Blogger Dianne said...

Good for you Barbara! It looks sweet. I love doing French knots. My first adventure with them (well one of the first) was a Holly Hobbie design I did in 1976.
I too went through all my house charts. There are lots of Prairie Schooler houses. I made a mental note of a few I liked for both Annemarie and Carol (not only PS) and pulled several to add special features for you B.

At 10:18 PM, June 21, 2006, Blogger Annemarie said...

What a great start, Barbara! You're not actually worried, are you? Carol's right. It must be Dutch water, or something else that makes us all worry.
I had to laugh when I read about you and Niek discussing which patterns to use. Poor Jula had to miss two entire episodes of West Wing because I was constantly asking her advice!

At 11:49 PM, June 22, 2006, Blogger Susimac said...

Love the colours you are using. I think we all fret a bit about it all.


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