Friday, March 10, 2006

Can someone please tell me.....??

I am confused and frustrated. I am getting copies of emails that indicate that something has changed in this RR. I have sent emails to a few of you... but nobody answers :-( Yep, I feel left out.... Did Novia's RR get lost, did she drop out of the group? Can someone be so kind as to post the details? I don't plan to post mine off until I have some inkling of what this is all about...

While I am asking questions... who is lena-lou in the contributors list?

Thank you!!!


At 9:26 PM, March 10, 2006, Blogger lena-lou said...

Hi Carol, I cannot help you with your 1st query but can enlighten you about lena-lou......I am Su's sister and am on here to post on behalf of my Veronica (my Mum) along with Su as she dosn't have a computer and looks at this from mine as we live near each other and Su is on the other side of the country to us. Hope that explains for you :-)

At 9:53 PM, March 10, 2006, Blogger Rachael said...

Hi Carol,
Novia's RR got lost in the mail on it's way to me. It was suppossed to be sent registered mail, but somehow was not and has been missing for a couple of weeks. i do not know how the descision came about but Barbara was supposed to send her RR to Novia, next but now she is going to send it to me. I don't think anything else has changed at the moment. I don't know how Novia feels about continuing in the RR . I think though, that you can mail your RR to whoever was supposed to get it. I am going to mail mine on Wednesday at the latest to Dianne as per the rotation. Unless I hear differently :-)

At 9:58 PM, March 10, 2006, Blogger Susimac said...

Me to I've been confused as well, I understand that maybe Novia has dropped out??? Novia must let us know where she stands on this before we go much further I feel. I will still be posting mine onto you Carol tomorrow, rotation stands the same as far as I am aware just missing Novia out at present, as soon as I know how it stands with Novia, I will either change the rotation or it will stay the same, but you still send yours to the next person, at present I think it only affects Barbara and Rachael with the rotation, we will get it sorted soon. Helen is my sister and as she explained on the top is Veronicas internet contact with us all, unless I speak to mum first. Hope this helps

At 5:18 AM, March 11, 2006, Blogger Dianne said...

I didn't answer as I was confused myself. I think the ladies helped with their comments. Thanks.

At 8:24 AM, March 11, 2006, Blogger Carol said...

Much clearer - thanks ladies!!

Hi Lena-Lou (Helen) - nice to meet you :-)

OK, almost done now - will have mine off to Annemarie by the mailing date :-) Yay!

I hope Novia stays with us - but if not, I am sure I can find a friend to stitch that 9th block for me.... but really, hope Novia stays!

At 6:48 PM, March 11, 2006, Blogger Barbara said...

Carol, I'm really sorry, but I haven't gotten a single email from you or else I'd have answered straight off.

It would seem to me that Novia is the only one who can truly clear this up. I sent round the email from her asking me to send my neighborhood to Rachael instead of to her.

I am assuming that Novia has dropped out ... unless her neighborhood turns up. Is it possible to 'kind of drop out'? I've passed along all her emails that I've recieved - can't think of much more to do.


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