Saturday, March 18, 2006

Barbara'a envelope

Here is Barbara's envelope. Delivered to me, safe and sound ,this morning. I have to admit I am a litle nervous . I have never stitched on somone elses project before. I have stitched gifts for people and quilt squares to go in a quilt with other peoples squares ,but never on someone elses ,already stitched on fabbie. I already walked the dog before the postman came and everyone else is still asleep so I am going to use the time to floss toss for Barbara's house. Let the games begin!


At 5:49 PM, March 18, 2006, Blogger Carol said...

Yay!!!!!!!! Please don't worry Rachael - I am sure you are going to do wonderful work on our RRs!!! I can't wait to see what you stitch for Barbara!!

At 11:51 PM, March 18, 2006, Blogger Barbara said...

Hey Rachael, it's all good fun. Enjoy!

I got Annemarie's today, and have spent some time figuring out what to stitch. As I suspected, once I saw it in person, I began to get ideas ... :-)


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