Saturday, July 28, 2007


...Castle ruins and barn cottage!

These are as mentioned Jane Greenoff designs. I hope you like them! Feel free to add to the scenery. I got a little stuck with what to add-I do like the animals (cows, a horse and a few chickens) and my little sign post that says 'tea' which is pointing in the direction of Carol's square. I had to keep things small because of the size of the structures. I believe this is nicer in person as I couldn't get a tight shot of the entire square so you can see all the detail. I like how the colors go with An's and the little house in the middle.
I will try to mail this Monday or Tuesday. Enjoy!
And thanks for the postcard-my inspiration for this square.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Soon and very soon...

...Veronica's NRR will be finished! Yah! I'm just adding some finishing touches between the two structures that I have stitched. I really love Jean Greenhoff's designs as they are so delicate. I am hoping to post this to Veronica on Monday. ☺
Could Su or Helen ask Veronica if I could keep the postcard she enclosed? I already had Brian go to a little store in Lancaster County to pick out one (or two) to replace it. We collect postcards here. Thanks.
It's been an interesting and fun stitch and I feel like I have new lifetime pals in you ladies. I am planning to send you all a little artsy thing to thank you for your stitching.
Have fun with your last one too!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

First completed Neighbourhood

This is Veronica's stitching of the last 2 block on Su's NRR, it has been finished for a few weeks now but is only just on it's way to Su. We waited for the weather to brighten up a bit to do the photos seen as it was finished well ahead of time.

The block on the far right is a Pub in Su's neighbourhood and it looks very much like a real one in her actual village in Cumbria. The basis of the design is from a book by Jane Greenoff adapted by Veronica with little extas, it has a beer- garden to the front and a pond area outside.
The block to the left is a cumbrian house with railings made of wrought iron as this is something that Mark makes. This design idea was taken from a row of houses that were in a recent edition of Country Cross-Stitch magazine. All of the threads were DMC with colours Veronica chose, to make it look like where Susan lives and has added little details of things close to Su's heart like the greenhouse and bee hives and there is a little snail a robin and 2 blackbirds. There are ducks and sheep and a cat for Tasha the Pub has even got a name...The Cross Keys which used to be an old haunt of Susans when she still lived at home :)

Below you can see the whole Neighbourhood finished and I think you will all agree that it looks pretty amazing.
To re-cap on who has added what .....

Left corner is Barbara's Stitching
Middle is Carol's Stitching
Right Corner is Dianne's stitching

Left Annemarie's stitching
Middle & Right Su's own stitching

Left is Rachael's stitching
Middle & Right Veronica's stitching

Veronica has asked me to say that she has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this RR and is a bit sad it is coming to an end as you have all been such a great bunch of ladies to do this with...saying that she is very much looking forward to seeing the finished result of her own and all of your other lovely neighbourhoods :)

Happy stitching!!

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