Thursday, March 30, 2006

A peek at Barbara's RR

Here is a peek at my progress on Barbara's RR. In spite of my mad sock kniting and house guests and birthday parties- I have been working on it. I am quite pleased with the way the colors of the two houses blend but don't match. My house is quite close to the top of it's square because there are still some bits to come in front of the house.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

//// or \\\\?

Hey I just noticed on Annemarie's that her uncrossed stitches start \\\\. I start //// and I noticed Rachael does too. Anyone have a preference as to which way their Xs go? I'll try and do as you wish, I guess to make the piece uniform.

Monday, March 27, 2006

update on Annemarie

No, she didn't fall off the planet - that's the good news. The bad news is that her computer is totally unwilling to cooperate with her at all. And she's got loads of new pictures to share with us - how frustrating! No idea on how long the situation will go on, but hopefully it will be over soon. Cross your fingers, click your heels, send a computer repair person ... LOL. Let's hope she'll be back very soon (I want to see those pictures!).

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why I like Victorians

Drawing by Nicholas P. Santoleri
Cape May, NJ
Are you inspired for my RR yet?
How about now?

Friday, March 24, 2006

My semi-finished RR square... the safe hands of Barbara (and myself). Barbara is the lady on the left (not hiding, as you can see), and I am the one on the right. You might be wondering what that unsightly stain on my house might be. Wonder no longer: it is vomit. Normally, I don't allow my son Pelle to even look at my stitchy things, but this time, he escaped me, and suddenly I found him bending over the footstool (where I had put my RR to take a picture) making funny noises. So far, Barbara hasn't complained of any whiffs or anything, so I'm sure no harm was done by my little one.
This is a piccie of my RR up close. As you can see, I only need to fill in one and a half window, and I have to finish the big flower and on the stem of the flower, between the leaves, I will stitch a Pelle.
As for the colours I used: I didn't use the colours the design called for, except for the main part of the house, which was stitched with GAST Old Blue Paint. The rest of the colours looked too much alike, so I substituted those for the colours that suited me better. I love red and blue. Having seen pictures of the other Neighbourhoods so far, I noticed that you all had such wonderfully dainty flowers crowding your houses and gardens, and I suddenly felt my square a bit empty. I mean, I had the big flower, of course, but I decided to experiment with some roses, for which I used a spiderweb stitch. We have whitish-yellow in our garden which we love, hence the experiment.
I know exactly what I want to stitch on Carol's RR, although I will have to look for some more flowery/gardeny type designs to fill up the empty spaces. Barbara is working away dilligently on my RR. Boy, am I curious of what is to come next!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Picked up Rachael's at the PO today

The package was Rachael's and it already has part of a lighthouse stitched on it. I just wouldn't feel right getting it and all and not putting any stitches on it. I am using bits and pieces of a landscape chart (American Folk Art-Boyd Designs) I bought and never stitched.
I was telling Rachael it was good that she put her RR in a plastic bag as her envelope had a few rips in it. It arrived nice and clean.
Watch for some photos.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Carol's RR has arrived!

Hi all,
A quick word from me, to say that Carol's RR has arrived in Maastricht! I took extra care to take it out of its envelope, and nearly spoiled it by salivating on it (just kidding, Carol!). I know exactly what I want to stitch on this particular RR, but unfortunately, I will have to wait until I finish another round of an RR I'm involved in.
My own Neighbourhood is in the safe hands of Barbara, and as you know, she is already working on it. And now for something relatively embarrassing: I didn't get to finish my square... It was close, mind you. The house is there. Only one and a half window to fill in, only the one big flower is still missing, as is the 'Pelle' I promised you. Still, I think you can work with what's there, and I comfort myself with the thought that I'm not the only one who has to add some finishing touches to her own square. Right?
Pictures, as you know, remain a bit of a problem, but I have one or two hidden safely inside my camera. They will find their way to this blog in the course of this week or the next!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the goode huswife is out on the prairie

I am just dying to show you what I've stitched on Annemarie's neighborhood today! Last night, after I got it home, I propped it up on the table and started going through all my patterns, one-by-one. Nothing was exactly what I was looking for, but I realized that if took this bit out of that pattern and that bit out of this pattern ... well, you get the idea. So today I started stitching from the right side of the block inward and I am just having such a great time! I've used my new linen DMC floss that Annemarie & I bought at the Naald & Draad yesterday. It's perfect for a grassy texture (and it smells good!). For other fibers, I've used some Stranded by the Sea (ltd. ed.) and Royal Navy and Grace Kelly from The Dye is Cast.

Sure there were other projects with closer deadlines, but this is fun!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Barbara'a envelope

Here is Barbara's envelope. Delivered to me, safe and sound ,this morning. I have to admit I am a litle nervous . I have never stitched on somone elses project before. I have stitched gifts for people and quilt squares to go in a quilt with other peoples squares ,but never on someone elses ,already stitched on fabbie. I already walked the dog before the postman came and everyone else is still asleep so I am going to use the time to floss toss for Barbara's house. Let the games begin!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Su's RR has arrived :-)

Safe and sound in New Hampshire, USA! Whew :-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Here are the photos to go with my posting last night. My RR square, and the whole thing so you can see the blue border bits.

My RR is ready to go

Sorry - My RR did not make it to the post office today. I had a very odd day ,all kinds of wierd stuff happened- nothing awful ,just one of those never ending days. Anyway- I have addressed the envelope for my RR to Dianne, and included some address stickers and a small notebook with a "letter" from me to all of you . My handwritting is so stunning that you may not be able to read it, but it's the thought that counts-right ?
One thing that I wrote in my notebook, but hadn't mentioned before is that I would like everyone to stitch their name and city/country in between the two blue borders. If you choose to stitch a corner and have room in the border and the desire I would love it if you were to stitch a "saying" or quote or whatever. Don't feel like you have to though. I did stitch a running stich to divide my RR into nine blocks , but I don't mind if the gardens or yards run into each other. they don't have to be exactly defined by my guidelines. Please also cut out bits of the running stitch if they are getting in your way.
I am planning a second border around the "name border , but I am not sure what it will be yet. There are two places on my square, that I may stitch something on when it gets back to me. I was just too undecided at this point. I will also , of course, have to decide what to do with my two extra squares.
Tomorrow morning ,when it is light ,I will take a photo and post it here, and then take a trip to the post office. Off to bed now. I wish everyone a pleasant evening- I sure need one :-)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

and now we wait

Hi everyone! I sent mine out just a few minutes ago to Rachael (using aangetekend post, which the postal lady assured me is the safest way). I couldn't find a really excellent envelope, though I got the best one I could find. It will definately not stand up to 1 1/2 years, though.

I forgot to ask what everyone is doing about their edges - I know Silkweaver comes pre-serged, but my piece was not from Silkweaver and I taped the edges. I don't have a serger. It's not the most elegant solution, but should work fine for the duration.

I included a skein of the weird green I used for my grass - you can use this, or use it for matching purposes. It's a one-off Needle Necessities color that I snagged on eBay some time ago. I also enclosed a note, but as my neighborhood is meant to be more of a reflection of yourself, I did not enclose my questionnaire again or any charts. However, if you would like anything, please let me know and I'll get it right out to you.

I'm really excited for the next stage! I'm not sure what I'll do for Annemarie's Wacky Wanderings yet, but I trust that once I see hers, inspiration will strike.

Now for the part that makes me anxious....

I have packaged up my round robin and it is ready to go to Annemarie via Global Priority Mail tomorrow.

I feel anxious with Novia's having gone missing. I am praying mine survives the postal services of various countries for the next 18 months or so.... yikes.

I put together a letter in the package which includes a refresher of my questionnaire... and I put in some charts with little cats and little dogs... which you don't have to use. Those are for the ladies who expressed concern about finding any cats or dogs. They are by Drawn Thread, Chessie & Me, The Workbasket and a couple of others... I even found a little dachshund if that appeals to you! Each dog or cat can be stitched more than once, makes no difference to me!!

OH, please remember to always have my address show as the return address on the package, as long as the postal service in your country will allow that (post 9/11, the USPS is not so big on such things....). If the package gets lost, I figure it will have a better chance of finding its way home to me if my address shows as the return address.

I hope my envelope survives for a while. I am not sure if any envelope can survive so many mailings. I chose one that is waterproof so that gives it some hope. I will happily replace any envelope that arrives here looking like it cannot make it any further :-)

OK, deep breath - bye bye RR!! Hope to see you again someday!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A display house to inspire you

This was a display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. You may have seen it on my blog, but if you look closely, you'll see real fish in the window! I love the colors in the house too. It's in the middle of a pond environment. Thought I'd share.

To clear it up

Dear Ladies,

I am sorry that I have confused you all. I didn't mean to do that, since I thought I will give some time for the post to travel. So, after having a bad week last week, I went to visit my friend in Munchen last week end. And today I just arrived and have time to check the blog. Until today, I haven't receive any news from my friend, so I think the post is lost.

In order to clear up the confusion, I have decided to leave this RR. It has been a difficult decision for me as well. I make this decision not because I lost my RR, although I feel sad about this, but I think I will feel much worse if I lost other people's RR.

It has been a wonderful experience to get to know you ladies virtually and I hope you girls don't mind me keep on popping up on this blogger.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

I finished!!!

I finished it! I will be ready to mail in time to Annemarie! Maybe even early :-) I just need a day or two now to write out my letter to you that goes in my package (a refresher of my questionnaire, a chart of how the squares lay out and where to sign your block, stuff like that) as well as gather some charts to send along - a few of you have asked me to send some little kitty charts that you could use - I will also try to send some of dogs. If you don't care to stitch a cat, feel free to stitch a dog! Once that is done, feel free to add other animals too, of course, especially birds!

Speaking of birds, I had not intended to add any charms to my design, although the chart calls for them. But after stitching the splotch of blue sky on mine tonight, I think I might add the Mill Hill Tresaure bird onto that splotch later when this comes home... that splotch does seem to need a little something :-)

Novia, I do hope you will be staying with us in the group.... please let us know what you plan to do, OK?? I did find someone who very much wishes to stitch the square if Novia does leave us... but it would be lovely if this group could stay intact??

Yay, this is wonderful now that the RR pieces are starting to move! Su let me know she posted hers off to me today! I already want to go and camp out by my mailbox - LOL!

PS - I was a little bored tonight... I did silly things - one was that I made a word cloud from our blog... OK, I guess it is time to round up Erin and go to bed!! LOL

Friday, March 10, 2006

Can someone please tell me.....??

I am confused and frustrated. I am getting copies of emails that indicate that something has changed in this RR. I have sent emails to a few of you... but nobody answers :-( Yep, I feel left out.... Did Novia's RR get lost, did she drop out of the group? Can someone be so kind as to post the details? I don't plan to post mine off until I have some inkling of what this is all about...

While I am asking questions... who is lena-lou in the contributors list?

Thank you!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

new batting order

Novia has asked that I send my neighborhood to Rachael, which I'll do. I'm unclear on what effect this will have on the rotation. My brain can't handle abstract thought tonight.

Rachael, throw some designers' names at me so I can stick a few charts in the packet for you. I've got something by practically everyone (or so my husband believes) so just tell me what designers/styles you'd like and I'll start pulling charts. Is there anything else I can do to help out? I know you've been thinking about Novia's RR and mine is pretty different so ... just say the word!

I'll be picking Annemarie's up in person next weekend - we're getting together in Roermond and we'll even go to a real bricks & mortar LNS! I can hardly wait!

Novia's RR

Novia -Has your friend talked to his post office about your RR? What did they say?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Posted RR today

I sent my fancy package out by means of global priority and it was $10.50. I not only had my piece but some charts that were included too. So Veronica, look for my hydrangea envelope soon (I hope). I can't wait to get Rachaels!
BTW, the guy at the post office was all set to just mail it air and I told him I wanted to mail the best way and he said global priority (which I knew already).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

No magical mystery tour?

We're not going to be surprised at all by the stitching on the rest of our RRs? I didn't know what the others stitched on my first RR and that was a good thing. It gave me something to look forward to. Do you know what I mean?
Maybe just show a small portion of our stitching for the rest of the group? Like the Quaker mystery?
What do you think? I'll do whatever the majority of the group votes on.

Rachael, anytime you want to send on your house to me, I am ready. I wanted to ask you about a few charts that I have to see if they are to your liking.

Friday, March 03, 2006

It's finished!

You don't realize how lumpy and bumpy something is until you see it in a photo. The gate and fence are straight. Speaking of which, I changed the fence to make it a picket fence and added yellow climbing 'roses' along it. You are seeing lots of French knots too. And there is Cosmo sitting on the fence. I am adding part of a border, but I'll never get it finished as I want to mail this out by early next week. It's a very wrinkly linen, but I found steaming it helps. Hope you like my 'fantasy' seaside inn. I'm sending along this pattern in case you want to continue it to the right.
BTW, I used an entire skein of white!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mailing ideas

I just purchased a large padded envelope from the post office. Oh you'll know it's mine when you see a big envelope covered with purple hydrangeas!
I would suggest you tape all the corners of yours for sturdiness. Also I am enclosing address labels (that go with the hydrangeas-yours don't have to match) that will include names and address so you won't have to keep addressing the envelope-just stick the label over the old one.
Be sure to remove the old postage label too. If you pick a good enough envelope, it should last through the mailings.

the first rotation

Hello all. Boy is it great to be back online!! And in time for our first rotation of the neighborhoods. However, I had stored all my info on the computer and that means I'm pretty sure I ship to Novia now, but I have no idea what her address is. Novia, could you contact me with your postal address? And if you are interested, I am very willing to get together face-to-face if you're interested. We can meet at my place, at your place, or at some other place. Just let me know. Mine's all ready to go. :-)

And I think I get Annemarie's next? Is that right? We still need to confirm when and where we'll be getting together. I'm looking forward to it!

Time to go... If the days got any shorter, I could just avoid going to bed at all.