Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hi Ladies,
It has been brought to my attention that at least a couple of you in this RR have been experiencing hurt feelings because I have begun to set up some new RR groups. I did this because several of my friends wanted to be in one. I sent out email invites to stitchers that I thought might be interested and who I knew did not have a ton on their plates right now. Apparently, I did the wrong thing. I did not want anyone's feelings hurt, and I am truly sorry to anyone who does have hurt feelings. It is fun to have neighborhoods stitched by different stitchers, but you all have been wonderful and certainly are not meant to be excluded.

That said, if any of the ladies in this current RR do want to join a new one, you are more than welcome! I have openings and would love to have you. Just let me know!

Monday, January 29, 2007

welcome to the new blogger - pull up a chair and sit a spell

Well, here we are. I hope no needles or skeins of floss were lost during the move from the old to the new Blogger platforms. I forgot to tell you all to buckle up and hold on tight. ;)

I believe that most of us have our NRR for this round (sorry, Rachael, it should arrive this week) and that we are aware of the March 15th deadline to keep us on schedule. If you are having problems with the deadline, please discuss it with the person to whom you post - life does go on in spite of our stitchy plans, and I believe we are all pretty flexible and understanding of that fact.

We should all give a big round of applause to Carol, who has begun not ONE new neighborhood round robin, but THREE. Though she hastened to say she was only actually doing the stitching in one. Somewhere out there in blogland is a new blog for this massive undertaking - hopefully once the needles start flying, she'll share the address so we can watch a whole lot of new neighborhoods take shape.

I would like to say a great big thank you to everyone for keeping up with the NRR so far - some of us have had some serious shake-ups since this project started, and most of us have experienced some unexpected and unpleasant 'bumps of life'. These neighborhoods are not just patterns copied down with needle and floss, but bits of our lives - the happy and the sad - and when they come home to us and hang proudly in our houses, they will be a constant reminder of the friends we love and the trials we've weathered together.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Carol's NRR arrived on this chilly day!

We are having the coldest weather here that we've had in two years. My poor mailman didn't have heat in his truck, but at least Carol's NRR is safe and sound in my cozy house. I already have a design picked out. When I saw all your lovely gardens surrounding your quaint houses, that is what I'm going for too! I found a 17 yr old design in one of my favorite magazines-Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. It's a little cottage with lots of garden in the front! It has lots of colors, so it will be fun and challenging to stitch. I'll get started on it as soon as I round up all the colors.
Have a warm weekend.
PS-I fear the next time I log in Blogger will make me move to beta. ; )

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rachael's RR has arrived!

Rachael's RR is now safely here in NH! I put a photo of it in my own blog tonight - so you can peek at it over there if you like :-)

Friday, January 19, 2007


I finally peeled Rowen off my lap yesterday to put her to bed. Because of the awful wind storms we were having across the country, dog training class was cancelled and I was able to get right to work on Su's neighborhood and it is now complete - other than stitching my name on it. I know my house is rather large compared to Carol's so I've tried to gently unite them by using the same color for the grass and by stitching a bird flying over our blocks. Niek says I should've carried the checkered grass pattern over onto Carol's block, but I didn't feel quite right about that. If Su wants to do something like that later, the DMC green I used (which seems to be the same Carol used) is 3362.

The house and tree are from The Village of Hawk Run Hollow (block 4). The stuff on the right side is mostly from my imagination, though the bird feeder is taken from The Cross Stitch Bible. My lupins didn't photograph well - they are in subtle shades of dusty rose and look pretty nice IRL.

I was terrified of messing Su's neighborhood up, but she has assured me that she likes the block. Thanks, Su! This will start its voyage to Rachael today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dianne's RR is flying to the Netherlands!

Dianne's RR was posted yesterday :-)

And, a little funny for you! One of my clients showed me this - all moms can relate, I am sure!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rachaels RR is on its way..... Carol this afternoon. I have enjoyed stitching this one very much and I hope that Rachael likes what I have chosen for her (it was nice to hear from you the other day too Rachael). The design of the house is Bluebird Cottage by Elizabeth Designs (with loads of adaptions) and the rest of the garden are taken from various Elizabeth Designs charts. I picked my own colours for the house and garden to match in with the colours of Rachaels RR and with the colours of the coastal houses and summer gardens round where I live.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Note from Rachael

I was so happy to hear from one of our pals Rachael. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us all. We think about you all the time. Please drop by here or one of our blogs and say 'hi'.

Dianne's RR is (finally) finished

Here is the little sneak peek of what I stitched on Dianne's RR. I finished it today watching the AFC (football) playoff game. I will put a photo of how her whole RR looks into my Yahoo album tonight, and you can access seeing it through my blog... click on 2006 finishes in my sidebar - that simply takes you to my Yahoo albums... then click on 2007 Cross Stitch in there. I will put that in once the football game is over, so give me an hour or two :-)

I will post this to Annemarie as soon as I can. Monday is a postal holiday here, and there is snow/ice forecasted for Tuesday AM. So.... probably Wednesday to Annemarie (who says she is not in any hurry to get it) -

I hope the RR gets back on track soon - it would be great if the whole thing could end this year? Seems like it is going too slowly now. Anyone have pictures to show of any of the ones they just finished??

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Annemarie's NNR winging to England

It's coming home-almost! Just a few more and it will be back to the states and then the Netherlands. I didn't do global as I had it all set in a new spiffy purple envelope and the woman said I'd have to repackage it (I think she was wrong)-I think it will be fine. Have fun with this one Veronica, Su and Carol. : )

Friday, January 05, 2007

unnatural lighting

Hmm. I've done a lot of tweaking to try to accurately show the colors, but the end result is still a bit 'blah'. Blame it on the indoor lighting - but at well after midnight, there's not much of the natural stuff available. LOL!

I was a little mixed up earlier and thought I was stitching on Veronica's NRR, but Annemarie set me straight: This is Su's! Su, I love your linen. What is it? Anyway, I had a hard time picking out the design for this one - it seems to get harder as more houses are stitched. The balance between what your own style is, what will look good with the houses already in place .... I hope Su's not freaking out about it being too dark. The colors do look good with the other houses!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

to migrate or not to migrate

Okay, I've heard from almost everyone now regarding the question of migration - thank you all for your very prompt replies!

We have two people who ask that the blog NOT be migrated. Two people say they aren't against the migration (but they don't actually *want* it, either.) One person has not replied. Carol is the only one who actually wants to change to the new Blogger version at this point. Unless other people change their minds and actually want me to migrate, I am not going to do anything at this point. I hope this is okay with everyone. If not, please contact me.

We're off for a long weekend as of tomorrow. Niek rented us a weekend house with a sauna - a big luxury, but it works wonders for my sinus/allergy ailments. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A question about our blog...

I was wondering who in our group owns/runs this blog - and is she considering updating to the new Blogger? I cannot update mine as I get a message telling me that "one or more" of my blogs cannot be updated... that must be this one... I would like to update, but if the owner of this one doesn't want to, I will respect that. Just wondering, want to see if I can solve my dilemma.