Monday, July 31, 2006

Progress on Veronica's RR

I went back to work on Veronica's RR today, and now her tea room is growing :-) The building is not complete - there is one more part of the roof yet to add.... I loved breaking off and stitching the adorable little flower pots and the lamp post today.... I will add the tree and park bench... then have some ideas on how to fill in the rest of the block, as Veronica, I believe, wrote that she wants us each to add a path from the door down towards the bottom of the block... okey dokey :-)

I had a blast meeting Barb yesterday as she is here in New England visiting family - she is a sweetie :-) I did let her know her RR is safe with Veronica now - she extends her hellos to all!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Barbaras RR

Hi ladies, Just to let you know Barbaras RR has arrived safely this morning to Veronica in the UK. Now she is itching to get started :-)) But grandchildren might get in the way for the next 2/3 weeks!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Barbara's NRR on the way to Veronica

Just to let you know it went out global priority early this afternoon. Happy stitching!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Diannes RR

Now I can't show you much of this at all, as Dianne wants her RR to be a secret til it gets back home to her and she just wants teaser pics, so I have obliged. So I can't give any details at all except to say I used one of Diannes charts for the house that she sent along.

If you want to see the RR in full you will have to visit my webshots album under neighbourhood RR - so Dianne no peeking in there.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rachaels RR

I am posting this for Veronica (Mum) to show Rachaels RR...this was finished sometime last week. The idea for this block came from a journey to a seaside town called Whitby and from Rachaels request for a seaside theme for her neighbourhood if at all possible. Several charts were used in creating this - Veronica has put all the details in the diary Rachael sent. Quite a few stitches were used on this xstitch of course, 1/1 xstitch, Satin Stitch, French Knots for the sea foam, Long Stitch for the boats rigging and back stitch. Veronica says she hopes you like it Rachael and to let you know she has thoroughly enjoyed stitching this piece for you :-)
The bottom picture shows all the stitching to date...Rachaels own in the middle, Diannes top left then Veronicas bottom left sorry the pic is full of shadows but this is a HUGE piece of linen.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I started Veronica's RR

I started Veronica's RR tonight. I noticed in her note in the project envelope that she and her husband like to take walks in the countryside and sometimes stop at a tea house... so I am stitching her a tea house :-)

Sorry - Blogger is stubborn right now - had to use Photobucket...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here it is!

I had to stand on my bed to take this. ; )
I think the colors are coordinating so nicely with each other. Barb, I used your green floss for the pine tree. I wasn't sure what to do with the space under the tree and added some herbs from a Shepherd's Bush chart I am actually working on. Do you think it needs another herb? Do you like these here? I am up for suggestions. I thought 'the group of three' with the geese on the ground (with the herbs) looked like it may be enough.

Pretty much finished

I really think I am! I wanted Sean's opinion and he thought I had 'just enough' even though I left some bare spots-not biggie ones, but a few. Of course Barbara you can add anything you want, but I think you'll like it. It's late here, but I wanted to let you know and to update our blog abit. I'll add a photo hopefully tomorrow. I really had fun with your piece. It's going to be a great neighborhood!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

as requested

Here's a picture of Carol's NRR with all three houses done in the top row (please overlook the rumples in the linen!). I think this neighborhood is off to a good start!

Hope everyone has enjoyed a fine weekend and that our US-based stitchers are looking forward to a fun Fourth of July!