Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update-it's coming along

I was posting a WIP to my blog and decided to update this page too. Carol, your cottage is coming along! I have to mainly finish the area to the left, finish the tree and add a kitty. It had a lot of color changes-I knew that, but it blends in so nicely with what you ladies did already. I see completion by the middle of March.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Barbaras Neighbourhood

Here's my small part of Barbaras neighbourhood. The house is by the 'Irish Hare' and taken from the chart Love thy neighbour. I of course changed all of the house colours to tone in with Barbs neighbourhood. The tree and squirrel are an adaption from Sheepish Designs 'Betsy' The fence and birdhouse is from Prairie Schooler 'A prairie village II' The flowers/butterfly are my own as I wanted them to kinda tone in with Barbs as I wanted to link our gardens together. The wee bird, I shamelessly copied from Barbara so that he followed on from her little chubby birds. I enjoyed stitching all this for you, it just flowed as I was creating my part.

I thought that Barbara might like to see how her neighbourhood is looking so I took a picture of the whole piece - I think its looking great. Only 2 more to go now and we will be finished.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Veronica's Neighbourhood

I know I'm awfully late with posting this, and I know Barbara is probably already halfway with her block on this one, but I thought I'd tell you a bit about what I stitched for Veronica anyway. First of all: here's the picture of my block

The very perceptive amongst you will have noticed that this house is based (in the loosest possible way) on Elizabeth Design's Shepherd Cottage. I mirrored the design though, so Su's garden next to mine would flow into each other, and the size of my house would make more sense next to Su's. I didn't much care for the original colour scheme though, and noticed that the orid=ginal looked very much like the house Veronica had stitched herself. So I thought and pondered and wondered, until I walked past my own 'Geurige Kruidentuin' sampler at home, and noticed the fantastic colour scheme, and the similarity between the two houses. So I used that colour scheme for this cottage. The fence is part of the ED design too, but the quilt is by Jeremiah Junction (Veronica said she likes quilts). I got rid of the hills in the design and just stitched a row of trees. The birdhouse is from House nr. 3 of the CHS The houses of Hawk Run Hollow. The wee animals are from Abbey Lane's 'All Things' sampler. The squirrel is done in petit point, because I hate stitching over-one, and it would have been too big over-two. The flowers sprung from my imagination. Pathetic, I know, but I really did my best! Here's Veronica's RR so far:

Don't worry, the fabric hasn't actually gone all funny! I had the fabric hanging from the back of a chair, and it went all crooked.

Anyway, I hope you like it, Veronica. Good luck Barbara!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Annemaries next block is finished

I am doing the posting for Veronica and I am happy to present to you the finished block for Annemarie and I know some details this time...

The house and fence are from LHN Daisy Lane Cottage, the large flower is from Brittercup which was in a British Magazine, the little boy JBW, the tree and lean- to are from De Fil En Aiguille (French magazine) , the sheep are Cross Eyed Cricket from Herdsmans Cottage, flowerpots are from British designer Helen Philips (from a book), the owl and bike are from a very old sampler book Veronica has, the bird is from her own imagination as is the grass and I think the remaining details although no offence meant to any designer if I have that wrong!

I know Veronica did struggle with trying to get this to the 'Wacky' theme Annmarie wants for her neighbouhood, but says to let you know Annemarie that she has done her best effort for you :-) and she really hopes you like it! I think the small weave of the linen was a bit of a struggle on the eyes as well so 1/1 had to be discounted.

This picture (sorry it is small but blogger wouldn't upload the big picture for me) below is of the full Neighbouhood up to now which I think is looking great and really taking shape !! As a reminder the blocks up to now have been stitched by...

Middle Row Left...........Annemaries own
Middle Row Right........Dianne
Bottom Row Left..........Rachel
Bottom Row Middle.....Barbara
Bottom Row Right.......Veronica

Get your needle at the ready Su as this is heading your way soon.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Su's RR has arrived

I just wanted to let everyone know that Su's RR has arrived. The postman tried to deliver it yesterday ,but I was, as usual , at the Dr. I hopped over to the post office this morning and picked it up. It is really lovely- Fun to see am RR that looks like it might be finished in the forseeable future.
the second reason for this post is just to test and see if I can :-)

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Carol's English cottage

The thatched roof and brick chimney are complete. This will have lots of florals in the front as a typical English garden usually does (correct Su and Veronica?) I believe the tall purples there are lupines. Next to the chimney is the beginning of a tree. When I saw the three completed squares at the top, I knew this was the one for Carol's NRR. This is in the middle on the bottom row.

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